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Warm weather greetings to everyone!

My name is Karen Darrah, and I am the Tax Collector from the Town of Newcomb..  I live in the middle of the Adirondack Park.

I have been a collector for almost 18 years.  I really like this job, and am retired from the town .

Thru this organization I have made many wonderful friends, been lots of different  places for training sessions.

All of forms, membership, registration, hotel, scholarship, and the Betty Green award should be on our site any day now.

You will also find the person in your  District to call if you have any questions.

We are in need of 2 District Directors  2 and 13.  If you are interested, give me a Call or email.

We are getting our classes ready to go  A few are  a motivational speaker and Legal, Katie Hodgon from the AOT.  

Have your questions ready for her. Our Green Book should be ready by then to go over. 

We will be in Lake Placid again this year.

So, get your membership for in ASAP..Looking forward to meeting a lot of new friends this year.

Karen Darrah   518-582-5131           kd12852@frontiernet.net

About us

NYSATRC membership is open to all New York State Town, Village or School taxing authorities and any individuals NYSATRC membership is open to all New York State Town, Village or School taxing authorities and any individuals holding a position in the office of Receiver or Collector of Taxes (elected or appointed by the same taxing authority).  Social memberships are available to all retired Tax Receivers, Collectors and their deputies.  Business memberships shall be available to individuals of business entities who perform business associated with tax collecting.   

  The New York State Association of Tax Receivers and Collectors (NYSATRC) is dedicated to the education and professional development of tax collecting officials throughout New York State.

Since its founding, NYSATRC's mission has been to provide education and assistance in understanding the responsibilities and duties of Receivers and Collectors within this state. This is accomplished by sponsoring educational seminars and meetings throughout the year that strengthen our knowledge and understanding of New York State Real Property Tax Law, General Municipal Law, and Public Officials Law, as well as any pending legislation.

NYSATRC works directly with the New York State Association of Towns, New York State Department of Real Property Services, and the Office of the State Comptroller in the sharing of information, ideas, and statutory provisions that govern tax collecting procedures.

Membership in NYSATRC provides a forum to enhance leadership skills while also supporting the professional and personal growth of our members. Through the creation and development of regional peer networks and mentor relationships, members are able to elevate their standards of tax collecting in an environment that promotes co-operation, mutual assistance and camaraderie. 


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